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What is a Matt Talbot Retreat

A Matt Talbot retreat is an opportunity to be away from the distractions of daily living for a couple of days, usually a weekend, in order to devote time to spiritual recovery from alcoholism. A retreat brings together a group of recovering alcoholics in a setting that promotes fellowship and sharing throughout the weekend. Most retreats focus on one broad topic for the weekend. A Retreat Master(s), who is usually both a recovering alcoholic and a member of the clergy, gives conferences about the topic several times during the weekend. Just as an alcohol counselor who also is recovering has valuable insights into the mental part of alcoholism and its treatment, so a member of the clergy who is recovering brings valuable insights into the spiritual part of alcoholism.

Matt Talbot Kneeling in Prayer

Matt Talbot Retreat Movement

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About the Franciscan Center

The Franciscan Center is located on eight acres along the eastern banks of the Hillsborough River. The Center came to fruition as a result of the spiritually unique mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, N.Y.

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